Rickwood Field
Birmingham, Alabama
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Photos taken in 2006
Taking a step back in time is the best way to describe Rickwood Field. Despite not being used on a consistent basis for almost 15 years now, Rickwood is still in fantastic shape. And it may be getting some improvements thanks to a volunteer organization which is trying to raise money to put into renovations. Both inside and outside, Rickwood Field is just a beautiful ballpark - perhaps the best ever constructed. The inside features a covered grandstand that stretches all the way from third base to the right field corner. On top of the grandstand is a small gazebo that is a replica of the original press box. Also on the roof are old light towers that actually overhang. The outfield wall is covered with ads like those that would have appeared 50 years ago. And the manually operated scoreboard in left field has also been restored to its original condition. The exterior of the park is green and white in color and the front facade has almost a temple-like quality to it. The Barons still play one game a year here in what's know as the Rickwood Classic. For old ballpark fans, there may be no bigger treat than attending this game. Every year they honor a different era in Birmingham baseball for the Classic. The atmosphere is just tremendous at this game as there are no silly sound effects, no rock music, no mascots, and no on-field contests. Unfortunately, while the atmosphere may be a throwback to another era, the prices are not. From tickets ($9 for every seat) to parking ($4) to concessions ($3 hot dogs and bottled water), it feels like the Barons are just treating this like another home game. Still, the Rickwood Classic attracts people from all over the country and should be witnessed at least once by any true baseball fan. Despite only a few games being played here (the Rickwood Classic plus some amateur games), the park is still open for visitors during the day. There is a self guided tour which gives tons of info on the history of the park, and is highly recommended for anyone visiting Rickwood. The tour takes you through the stands, into the dugouts, onto the field, and behind the outfield fence. Be prepared to spend some time here - once you get inside, you won't want to leave ! One of the few remaining baseball "time machines" still standing in the country, this is an absolute must-see for any ballpark fan.
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