Riverwalk Stadium
Montgomery, Alabama
Year Opened

Current Team
Montgomery Biscuits

Tampa Bay Rays

Southern League


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My Grades
Stadium A-
Atmosphere B+
Concessions A-

Photos taken in 2004
The Montgomery franchise could have picked out a better name, but they couldn't have done a much better job at designing a ballpark. While the team nickname (the Biscuits) was getting all the publicity, quietly a beautiful new ballpark was being constructed in downtown Montgomery. It may not break any new ground from a design standpoint, but it does have some unique features and blends in nicely with the surrounding area. As the name would indicate, the ballpark is built near the river, though it is not possible to actually see the river from inside. The ballpark is located where a train depot stood for many years. But instead of knocking down the existing buildings, the architects decides to incorporate them into the ballpark. So the buildings that make up the first base structure were converted into luxury suites, a restaurant, and concession stands. A new structure was built down the third base line, but this blends in well from the outside. In fact, if it weren't for the light poles, you would have no idea that a ballpark was there. Like almost all new parks, Riverwalk Stadium features a 360-degree wraparound concourse. A large picnic area located in center field and grassy berms in right field allow for additional seating. The seating bowl is all green fold down chairs, most of which have good sightlines. There is no center concourse and there are only about 15 rows of seating, so you'll be close to the field no matter where you sit. The scoreboard is located in left field, so those seated along the third base side will have a difficult time viewing it. The backdrop for the ballpark is rather uninspiring for a downtown ballpark, as the skyline is actually behind the grandstand. But there are train tracks that run directly behind the left field fence, so the trains that go by during the game add a unique touch. Concessions are certainly a highlight of Riverwalk Stadium. There are choices to suit everyone's desires, the quality is good, and the prices reasonable. Besides the usual ballpark fare, the Biscuits serve foot long brats, Mexican, catfish fingers, cheese steaks, wraps, and of course biscuits & gravy. A large, well stocked gift store is located off the concourse behind home plate. For a new ballpark, the atmosphere was surprisingly laid back. Sure the team did a few between inning promotions (jousting, tug of war, name that tune), but these seemed a bit forced and the fans didn't seem to care for them much. As with most downtown ballparks, parking around the ballpark is limited and somewhat expensive. But if you get there early enough, you can park on the street for free. Simply put, Riverwalk Stadium is one of the finest new ballparks in the country. The downtown setting, the incorporation of the train depot, and the terrific concessions make this a must-see ballpark.
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