Rogers Centre
Toronto, Ontario
Year Opened

Current Team
Toronto Blue Jays


American League


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My Grades
Stadium C-
Atmosphere B
Concessions B+

Photos taken in 1995
I went into Skydome(renamed Rogers Center in '05) with high expectations having heard people rave about it during the early 90's. But I was quite disappointed by it, maybe partly because the dome was on during the game I saw. I'm sure it has a different feel with the roof open. But it wasn't just the roof that turned me off. When you walk through the gates, it feels more like you are entering a mall than a baseball park. The concourse area is loaded with concession and souvenir stands, all with neon signs. The floors were polished giving the whole area a very glossy feel, not what I like when I'm going to a baseball game. Most of the concessions were run by McDonalds and featured overpriced items. Or maybe it just seemed that way since all the prices are in Canadian. The biggest problem I had with Skydome, though, was the seating. The labeling of the seats is the most confusing I've ever encountered, especially considering it is such a new park. And when I did find my seat, I couldn't believe at how small they were. It just seems like they tried to squeeze in more seats by making them narrower. The park is configured ok for baseball, though I didn't think the sightlines were particularly good. Also, a large foul territory pushes the seats back further. Skydome just feels too big to have a good atmosphere for baseball. Maybe if the put real grass in it, it might improve the atmosphere, but I have never heard any rumors of this happening. Certainly a better park than the Metrodome or Olympic Stadium, but not worthy of all the hype it received when it first opened in 1989.
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