Rosenblatt Stadium
Omaha, Nebraska
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Photos taken in 1998
Rosenblatt Stadium is probably best known for being the home of the College World Series, but it is also a fine minor league facility as well. They have been home to the Royals AAA farm team since their inception. Despite the "pieced together" look of the stadium because of all the expansions they've done, it is still an excellent place to see a ball game. There are plenty of seats under cover for those that desire shade as well as many seats out in the open. There are seating sections that run as far as the foul poles down each line, as well as bleacher sections in the outfield. All the sections are not open for every game however. The concourse area is tucked underneath the seating area, and provides an excellent assortment of concession stands as well as housing the ticket office and souvenir stand. Before the game a Dixie band plays in the picnic area which is in front of the stadium, and which you enter through. There is just one scoreboard - in left field right next to the foul pole. The outside of the stadium is rather unappealing, though unique. It looks like a big blue erector set. I assume the point of all these big beams is to hold up the press box. As for in game promotions, they do very little on the field. There are lucky numbers and other games which fans can compete in, though. Parking is free and plentiful. Just a really nice place to see a ball game. Unfortunately, plans are now underway to build a new $140 million stadium for the College World Series and to demolish Rosenblatt. As of August 2008, the Royals were threatening to look elsewhere for a new ballpark since the lease offer wasn't cheap enough. But I'm sure a deal will be struck at some point since you don't spend that much money on park that will only be used for 2 weeks a year. A group (Save Rosenblatt) had formed to try to save the old ballpark, but they were unsuccessful despite the presence of such celebrities as Kevin Costner. It now appears that Rosenblatt Stadium will only be in use through the 2010 season. A new ballpark was built in suburban Papillion for the O-Royals. With a new ballpark also opening for the college world series, Rosenblatt Stadium will be demolished to make more room for the adjacent zoo.
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