Sioux Falls Stadium
Sioux Falls, South Dakota
Year Opened

Current Team
Sioux Falls Canaries


American Association


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My Grades
Stadium B+
Atmosphere A
Concessions A

Photos taken in 2005
Though built in 1964, you can hardly tell that Sioux Falls Stadium is that old due to the extensive renovations that were done in the late 1990's. These renovations included new luxury boxes, an expanded picnic area, and new grassy berms among other improvements. And while "The Birdcage" will never match the glossy new Northern League parks in Joliet or Schaumburg, it still has its share of amenities and is a terrific place to see a game. The ballpark is located to the north of the downtown, next to a conference center and hotel. The exterior features two nice entrances as well as an elegant brick wall that surrounds it in the outfield. Inside, the grandstand is split by a walkway which leads to the concourse. Seating is made up of green fold downs below the walkway and molded plastic chairs above the walkway. There is also a large bleacher section down the right field line which was added in 2000 as part of the renovations. In left field, past the third base bag, is an elevated grassy berm that affords fans a great view of the action. It is a unique feature that I haven't seen at any other park. The concourse, which runs behind the grandstand, is mostly covered and features several baseball related murals. Also, the team hasn't forgotten about the history of baseball in Sioux Falls as there are various pictures of old teams and players along the concourse. Concessions are definitely a highlight here. Not only is there a good variety, but the food is relatively cheap and quite tasty. Some of the unique items offered are Gyros, walking tacos, brats, and Italian beef sandwiches. The atmosphere here is also great, but that is no surprise as the Canaries are owned by the Goldklang Group which is headed by Mike Veeck. A lively and comedic PA announcer keeps the fans entertained (though I wish he would have announced the starting lineups) and the ushers are both friendly and unobtrusive. There were a couple of between inning games, but they certainly don't seem to be a main part of the show here. Overall, it is just a relaxed atmosphere with much of the focus kept on the game. Sioux Falls Stadium also features a nice video board in centerfield that is used very effectively by the team to show player photos and stats and not just ads like most teams do. There really isn't much to complain about here. The Birdcage is just a comfortable and fun place to take in a game.
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