Thurman Munson Memorial Stadium
Canton, Ohio
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Photos taken in 2000
This park is a great example of just how far minor league parks have come since 1990. When the Vermont franchise moved to Canton in 1989, Thurman Munson Memorial Stadium was considered to be a top-notch facility. But the Double-A franchise only lasted through the 1996 season here as a new downtown stadium was built for them in nearby Akron. Now this park sits idle after being used by the independent Frontier League for several years. The stadium is set in a residential area with only one road leading in and out. It is made almost completely of metal giving it a very cheap feel. I haven't seen a game here, but have to believe that it must get loud here from either fans stomping or foul balls hitting off the metal seating. The grandstand has a small roof over some of the seating. There are no luxury boxes which is probably the main reason the team wanted a new ballpark. The outside of the park is very unappealing and makes no mention of the name of the park. A small concrete sign with the park name does reside near the road in front of the park. It's just amazing to think that the building of this park could actually entice a team to move - but it did just a decade and a half ago.
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