Tiger Stadium
Detroit, Michigan
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Photos taken in 1995
Detroit did not need a new ballpark. Tiger Stadium was a classic, that with some renovations, could have continued to be home to the Detroit Tigers. Yes, it may not have been in the best neighborhood, but this is about the only negative I can think of. From a fan's perspective, this was just a great place to see a game. The seats were close to the field, no matter if you were on the field level or in the upper deck. There were seats in the upper deck here that were closer to the field than some in the lower deck of Comerica Park. And almost all the seats had a roof overhead. All the poles to support the roof and upper deck may have caused some obstructed view seats, but the benefits of having seats closer and a roof overhead outweigh this small problem. The concourse area was dark and narrower than in newer ballparks, but it had that great old time atmosphere. While it did have some commercial concessions (like Little Caesars), there were also several large grills going where sausages and hot dogs were being cooked. The exterior of the park is like no other as it's completely white in color, making it really stand out while driving along the highway. The Tigers moved out after the '99 season but Tiger Stadium still remained standing for nearly a decade. There had been talk of using it for other events like football and minor league baseball. It would have been great to see it put back in use because it is certainly was still a usable facility. Definitely one of my favorite ballparks. It was sad to see it go, especially after seeing a game in Comerica Park, which just doesn't compare. After being partially torn down in 2008, it was finally completely razed in September of 2009.
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