Tinker Field
Orlando, Florida
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My Grades
Stadium B+
Atmosphere NG
Concessions C+

Photos taken in 1999
Unfortunately I was rained out here the night I tried to attend a game, so I can't give a complete review of the ballpark. From what I experienced of it, though, it looks like a nice park to see a game at. Tinker Field has many unique aspects not found at other minor league parks. It's too bad that 1999 will be its last year of use, as the Rays moved into the new Disney park in 2000. The park is located right next to the Citrus Bowl, so the huge football stadium hovers over the outfield wall of Tinker Field. The grandstand is partially covered and features several ceiling fans to cool the fans off (not really). The pressbox is located at the top of the grandstand and is almost completely open, which is certainly a rarity. The concourse area is located on the outside of the park, and is almost completely uncovered. It features a large souvenir stand and a couple of concession stands. The variety of concessions is something that did seem to be lacking here. The seating is all individual seats under the grandstand, and metal bleachers down both lines. Obviously this park is not as nice as the new Double-A parks being built, but is a classic nonetheless. Unfortunately, the ballpark was torn down in 2015. Plans to memorialize Tinker Field with a plaza are underway, so as of 2018 has not been completed.
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