Veterans Stadium
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
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My Grades
Stadium D+
Atmosphere B
Concessions B-

Photos taken in 2003 & 2006
Veterans Stadium is one of the three nondescript, multi-purpose, cold stadiums built in the 60's and 70's. It's a bit bigger than either Three Rivers Stadium or Cinergy Field (Riverfront), but all three feel so similar that it would be easy to forget which one you are in. There is nothing that makes Veterans Stadium unique. From the nameless statues on the outside concourse to the desolate concourse areas and unpainted concrete, this is a place with a very cold feel to it. While the seating is comfortable enough, most of it is far from the field. The ugly orange and red seats were replaced in the 90's by a more conservative blue color. A food court is located beneath the 200 level seats. It features a variety of eats including Philly Cheesesteaks, chicken tenders, and the standard ballpark fare, but not nearly as many choices as new ballparks have. The concourse behind the 300 level seating is actually within view of the field, but only features a few scattered concession stands. Also on this concourse a Tiki Bar has been setup. Prices here are pretty reasonable with tickets ranging from $10 - $28 and parking $8. The atmosphere here is an interesting one as the fans seems to be almost as demanding as those in New York. And just like New York fans, they love to boo. The Phillies finally moved into a new baseball-only ballpark in 2004, Citizens Bank Park. The new park replaced what was clearly one of the worst stadiums in the majors. After Veterans Stadium was demolished, it became a parking lot for the new ballpark. Historical markers (see photos above) were placed where the bases and pitching rubber were located.
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