Welland Sports Stadium
Welland, Ontario
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Photos taken in 1994
Welland is currently without a team, but its certainly not because of the stadium they have. Welland Sports Stadium is more than suitable for a Class A or Independent level team. But because of attendance woes, it seems unlikely that the city will ever get another team. The Welland Pirates of the New York - Penn League played here for several years in the early 1990's. After the Pirates left town, Welland hosted the Aqua Ducks of the North Atlantic League for two years. The stadium is more like how current stadiums are being built. You enter on the concourse level and go down to your seats. The concourse area is covered and overlooks the playing field. The seating area is all metal bleachers, some with backs, some without. Sightlines are not that good here, as a 10 foot high screen extends around the entire seating area - not just behind home plate as is usually the case. It's a shame that such a recently built park will be without a team for the forseeable future. In 2015, professional baseball was scheduled to return as the startup East Coast Baseball League has announced a team, the Niagara Wild, to play at Welland Sports Stadium. But the league folded before ever throwing a pitch.
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