Yakima County Stadium
Yakima, Washington
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Stadium C-
Atmosphere A-
Concessions B+

Photos taken in 2003
Some ballparks can make up for a poor physical structure by having a great setting - Yakima County Stadium is one of these. Completely surrounded by rolling red (or brown) hills, the setting is quite spectacular. Unfortunately, the same can not be said about the park itself - it is cheaply built, has poor sightlines, and the seats are set high above the field. The biggest problem with the park is the backstop screen which runs from base to base, meaning there is not one clear sightline in any section of seating. Also, the seats are 10 feet above the field, presumably because the clubhouses are built beneath them. Another peculiar feature is the large black net erected behind the third base grandstand - I'm not sure what its purpose is, but it looks hideous. Fortunately, the atmosphere is pretty good here - the team does some of the typical between inning contests, but most fans seemed to be into the game and many stayed until the end even on a very cool evening. Yakima has a mascot named Boomer (how many Boomers are there ?) who stayed busy annoying fans most of the game. Concession stands are located behind the grandstand. They offer the ballpark basics as well as some made to order grill items (burgers, sausages, dogs, etc.) A small team store is also located off the concourse. One of the nicer features of the ballpark is the hand operated scoreboard in left field, which adds some charm to an otherwise boring park. In a different setting, Yakima County Stadium would probably rank lower in my book, but the great setting and ballpark atmosphere make for an enjoyable visit. Unfortunately, 2012 was the last season for the Bears in Yakima as they moved to a new ballpark in Hillsboro (OR) for the '13 season. For a panoramic of the field, click here.
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