Yankee Stadium II
Bronx, New York
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Stadium B+
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Photos taken in 2008 & 2003 & 1996
On my first visit to Yankee Stadium I went in really not expecting to like it. But I was pleasantly surprised. Despite its large capacity (over 55K), it does not have the feeling of a such a big park. All the seating on the field and loge levels offer great views of the field. The same is not true of the upper deck, however. These seats are steep and very far from the playing field. As for the atmosphere, it's an interesting one. While everyone is certainly into the baseball game on the field, some fans tend to get a bit carried away. Apparently the first thing kids raised in New York learn how to do is boo. Whether it's for their own team, the opposing team, the umpires, or another fan, spectators here just love to find a reason to boo. The main concourse at Yankee Stadium is narrow, dark, and only offers a some basic concession stands. There is also a larger food court with more selections on the left field side of the concourse. All the concessions are overpriced and not very tasty. I highly recommend eating before entering the park. Souvenirs are also a ripoff - scorecards/programs are $5. Traffic and parking around Yankee Stadium are tough, but I think its reputation is a bit unfair. As long as you get there early and are patient after the game, traffic flows pretty well. In fact, I've experienced worse traffic tie-ups in other major league cities (Arlington). Still, expect to pay a lot to park ($8 - $15) and wait a long time to get out after the game. Despite my complaints about Yankee Stadium, I do enjoy going there for one game a year. The Yankees played their final season at old Yankee Stadium in 2008. In 2009, they moved into a new ballpark directly across the street. The site of the original Yankee Stadium is now known as Heritage Field.
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