AT+T Field
Chattanooga, Tennessee
Year Opened

Current Team
Chattanooga Lookouts

Cincinnati Reds

Southern League


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My Grades
Stadium C+
Atmosphere B
Concessions B-

Photos taken in 2002
The Lookouts left Engel Stadium for this ? This may be the best example of what is wrong with minor league baseball. Teams are leaving perfectly fine baseball parks to move into generic stadiums for the sole purpose of getting luxury box revenue. I was greatly disappointed by BellSouth Park (now AT&T Field) - it is a stadium built on the cheap that offers nothing unique and is simply not an upgrade over the beautiful Engel Stadium. Apparently the owners saw a similar park in Portland, ME draw great crowds, so they thought they would build almost the same, identical park in Chattanooga. The park is built on a hill with the freeway running right by the third base side. I'm sure it was built to be scenic, but there really is no view to speak of, even of the river which is close by. My biggest complaint with the park is how cheap it feels - all the upper level seating is set on metal and much of it is benches. The concourse (like in Portland) is situated underneath the seating area, so it is out of view from the playing field. It is very spacious and contains numerous concessions stands, but with a very limited variety of choices. Also off the concourse is a rather large gift store. Even the color scheme of Bell South is similar to Hadlock - the seats are blue and green. Sightlines are quite poor for some of the seats. Because they have angled the seats on the first base side, the right field corner is blocked out. One interesting touch is the location of the bullpens behind the outfield fences. There's not much here to remind fans of Engel Stadium, but I was able to find two things - the barber chair, and the very talkative and entertaining program vendor ("Programs - just one teensy weensy dollar !") Some cities build new parks because they actually need one. Others just build them for the luxury boxes. Chattanooga is a perfect example of the latter. What a shame.
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