Comerica Park
Detroit, Michigan
Year Opened

Current Team
Detroit Tigers


American League


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My Grades
Stadium B
Atmosphere A-
Concessions A-

Photos taken in 2009
The Tigers deserted Tiger Stadium for this ? While Comerica Park is a nice enough new park, is it really a better place to see a game for the average fan ? I don't think so. The seats are further away, the concessions are more expensive, and parking is both more expensive and harder to find. Of all the new retro parks that have been built in the past 10 years, Comerica is probably the least interesting of all of them. The exterior of the park is mostly red brick and very ornate as it is decorated with numerous tigers. Because the park is sunk in, it hardly stands out from other buildings around it. The seating is comfortable, but not as close as it was in Tiger Stadium - either on the lower deck or the upper deck. The park has a strange feel to it, especially down the right field line where there is a break in the seating - this is where the luxury boxes stop. Perhaps the aspect I most disliked about the park is the Tiger Den seating. This is seating on the lower level above the field boxes which consists of more comfortable seats and end tables. A few sections of this would have been sufficient, but to have it extend throughout the whole lower deck goes overboard. It's just takes up too much of the prime seating in the park. The concourse is located in view of the playing field. It is a little narrow, however, as it can become quite crowded. There are plenty of small concession stands as well as one main food court that features a grill as well as several international options (Mexican, Chinese, Sushi). The only complaint I have with the concessions is that there are too many pizza stands, but this isn't surprising since the Tigers are owned by the same guy who owns Little Caesars Pizza. Concession prices seemed about average for an MLB park. The concourse also has a carousel and ferris wheel which kids can ride on - for a fee of course. At least this entertainment is out of sight and does not interfere with the baseball experience. When Comerica Park opened it boasted one of the best scoreboards in baseball. But almost ten years later it looks outdated and is sorely in need of updating. Parking is quite expensive here - especially that which is close to the park. The cheapest parking within walking distance of the park is $10. However, most is either $20 or $25. Comerica Park is clean and comfortable, just not very memorable.
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