Northeast Delta Dental Stadium
Manchester, New Hampshire
Year Opened

Current Team
New Hampshire Fisher Cats

Toronto Blue Jays

Eastern League


Location Map

My Grades
Stadium B+
Atmosphere B-
Concessions C

Photos taken in 2005 & 2006
If you want to experience the typical minor league atmosphere in the typical minor league ballpark, there is no place better to visit than Northeast Delta Dental Stadium where you will definitely find both. While many fans who only frequent their hometown park may enjoy this, for someone like myself who visits many ballparks each year, there is nothing to distinguish this park from numerous other new parks built since 2000. This is not to say Northeast Delta Dental Stadium is a bad place to see a game, but just that there is nothing memorable about it. The setting, located on the Merrimack River, would lead one to believe it is scenic, but that is not the case since the ballpark faces away from the river and not one seat is within view of the it. Because of the proximity to downtown, parking is limited around the park. The closest lots charge an outrageous $10 fee. Fortunately there is plenty of free on-street parking which can be found if you don't mind a 5 or 10 minute walk. The ballpark itself has a rather cheap feel to it since the seating structure is made of metal instead of poured concrete, similar to Brockton's Campanelli Stadium. As mentioned previously, the design is the usual among new parks - a concourse that overlooks the field with luxury boxes stacked on top. The seats here are all of the green fold down variety, except for the one bleacher section in right field. Foul territory is pretty small, so most of the seats are close to the action. But some of the seats in the outfield are not angled enough toward the infield. A large picnic area is located behind the left field fence. One negative about the design is the lack of a wrap around concourse. Despite having the room to have one, the concourse does not continue past the foul poles. A large video board in located in center field, but strangely there is no dedicated board for the linescore. Did they just forget they needed one ? Apparently, as a manual scoreboard was added in the left field wall for the '07 season which displays the linescore. Concessions have improved in the 2nd year as additional menu items have been added. There is no a good selection of items including italian sausages, clam chowder, fish platters, chili, and BBQ sandwiches. But the quality and prices are just average. In fact, I still maintain that concessions were better (and cheaper) at Gill Stadium, where the Fisher Cats played in 2004. The atmosphere at Northeast Delta Dental Stadium, while not overly loud or distracting, is filled with shameless promotions. The team conducts an on field game between every half inning that is just another way to get a sponsor's name on the scoreboard. There is no creativity or imagination put into these promotions. Northeast Delta Dental Stadium is a nice enough new park, but everything about it feels "done before". I'm just not sure it is a huge improvement from Gill Stadium, which was quirky, had some character, and was a good place to see a game. The new ballpark will surely draw fans in for years to come (which is the most important thing), but I just wish more thought was put into the design and atmosphere.
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