Ottawa, Ontario
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Ottawa Titans


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Photos taken in 2004
When it opened in 1993, RCGT Park (then known as Jetform Park) was one of the best draws in all of minor league baseball. But only a decade later and the Lynx were at the bottom of the attendance figures. So what happened to keep people away ? Perhaps part of it is the ballpark, but that can't be the only reason. RCGT Park is a very ordinary park which has a rather sterile feel because of all the unpainted concrete. The design is more typical of the pre 1990's as the concourse is behind the seating areas and not in view of the field. The seating is made up of all fold down chairs and is split by the walkway which leads to the concourse. This means that half the seats are a bit far from the action. Several concession stands are located along the concourse, but apparently only a few of them are used because of the small crowds. A grill is also located in the picnic area in left field, but for some reason it was not open the night I visited. The variety of concessions is about as weak as you'll find at a minor league stadium with the only unique item being poutine (gravy fries), which is Canada's favorite fast food. Unlike the very unique atmosphere you'll find in Quebec, here it is much like any ballpark in the U.S. Lots of rock music, sound effects, and between inning games. I guess that can be attributed to the fact that most of the front office is American. Ottawa Stadium is located on the east side of Ottawa, directly off Rt 417. One nice feature is that it is sunken below street level - this allows passersby to peer into the park from left field. For those coming from the U.S., it would be wise to exchange your money before coming to the ballpark. They will only take American money at par value. Also, prices here are actually a bit on the high side, even with the exchange rate. Ottawa Stadium isn't a bad place to see a game, but there is just nothing that stands out or is memorable. With the current ownership most likely looking to move the franchise, the Lynx will probably not be here much longer. Of course with so few fans coming out now, not many people will miss them anyhow. 2007 will be a lame duck year for the Lynx as they will be moving to Allentown in '08, once the new ballpark is completed there. For the 2008 season, a Can-Am League team took up residence here. But they were unsuccessful and folded after just one season of play. After several years of use strictly by amateur teams, the Can-Am League returned in 2015 with a new team, the Champions.
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