Surprise Stadium
Surprise, Arizona
Year Opened

Current Team
Texas Rangers (Spring)




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My Grades
Stadium B+
Atmosphere A-
Concessions A

Photos taken in 2009
Surprise Stadium is a no-frills venue that offers a clean comfortable place to take in a spring training contest. There is nothing very unique about the ballpark or the setting, but that’s ok. Because it mostly hosts spring training games, just watching the major leaguers up close should provide enough excitement for the fans. It looks very similar to minor league parks that have been built since 2000. A full wraparound concourse allows fans to see the game from numerous different angles while the second level provides private suites and some additional seating for regular fans. The main entrance for fans here is actually in the left field corner, right near the main parking lot. Unfortunately, because of how the training complex is configured, it is not possible to see the front façade of the ballpark. The seating consists of all green fold down chairs as well as a large grassy berm behind the outfield fences. Sightlines are ok on the seats near home plate, but as you get further down the line, they are worse. This is because the seats do not curve in towards the infield. So if you’re sitting past the bags (like I was), you will need to crank your neck to see the action. The concourse area is very wide, especially on the ends near the outfield. There is a nice array of concessions, mostly located in the large left field concourse. Among the best is Bill Johnson’s BBQ stand which features tasty pulled pork sandwiches. Also, kettle korn was being freshly popped, allowing for a sweet smell to permeate the whole ballpark. Parking here is free and is located behind the outfield fences. While there is a play area for kids here, the atmosphere overall here was baseball oriented – just as it should be at a spring training venue. Surprise Stadium is not a very memorable ballpark among those in Arizona, but is still a fun enough place to take in a game.
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